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Dairy Free Crust-less Quiche

14 Nov

Love this! Depending on what I have on hand it works out great! Some left over asparagus or steamed broccoli from dinner? Extra sliced mushrooms that didn’t get used for the salad the night before? Whatever! Make into a quiche the next day!

Dairy Free Crust-less Quiche


6 eggs
½ cup ham or cooked sausage or cooked crumbled bacon (any meat of your choice. for 21DSD no sugar added in meats)
About 2 cups of veggies (your choice)
Butter or oil (21DSD Clarified butter or Ghee)


Preheat oven to 405. Coat baking dish with butter or oil and sauté the veggies until tender.

Scramble up eggs in a mixing bowl. Adding salt and pepper to your liking. Pour into prepared baking dish.

Sprinkle ham into the dish.

I sautéed about ½ cup of diced up asparagus in oil. Cook until tender. Sprinkle into egg mixture.

Sauté about 5 sliced up mushrooms in oil. Cook until golden. Sprinkle into egg mixture.

Sprinkle in 1 diced up Roma tomato and 2 diced up green onions.

I just used a butter knife (because it was sitting there) to poke everything down into the eggs so everything was coated well with egg.

Bake about 30 minutes. Let sit on counter top at least 5 minutes.

Top with your favorite hot sauce and avocado if you like. Enjoy!