Broiled Lobster

2 Sep

Broiled Lobster


2 tablespoon melted butter (21DSD ghee / clarified butter)
4 live lobsters (2 pounds each) or not live
2 fresh Lemon


Set broiler rack at least 6 from the flame, and heat the broiler. Mix together fresh squeezed lemon juice and melted butter, and keep warm.

Using a large, sharp knife or a cleaver, hold the lobsters down firmly to a cutting board, and split them in half from head to end. Gently crack the claws by striking them with a meat mallet, small hammer or the spine of the knife. Scoop out the viscera behind the mouth parts, and remove the green roe sacs. Transfer, cut side up, to broiling pans.

Brush the lobsters liberally with the butter mixture, and season with a small pinch of coarse salt. Broil four minutes; baste with butter mixture, then finish broiling 3 minutes more. Serve one lobster per person.

NOTE: the meat man at the market can clean it and all that for you if you want.

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