Roast Duckling with Orange Molasses Sauce

31 Aug

Roast Duckling with Orange Molasses Sauce


* 1 duckling, about 5 pounds
* 1 lemon, quartered
* 1 large orange, thinly sliced
* 4 slices pineapple, cut in half
* 1 cup orange juice
* ¼ cup molasses
* 1/3 cup sugar
* ½ teaspoon ground ginger
* 1 tablespoon cornstarch
* 2 tablespoons water


Salt cavity and body of the duckling and add lemon quarters to cavity. Prepare bird for roasting; place in a shallow pan and prick all over with a fork. Roast at 325° for about 2 hours, or until crispy and browned.

Pour off drippings. Arrange orange slices and pineapple slices around duck. Combine orange juice, molasses, sugar, and ginger in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and pour over the fruit. Brush duck with some of the sauce. Return to oven set at 350° and roast 25 minutes longer, basting several times. Serve garnished with the fruit slices.

Skim fat from sauce in roasting pan. Combine cornstarch and water; stir until smooth. Stir into the hot sauce and cook over medium heat until thickened.
This roast duckling serves 4.

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