Corky & Jimmy’s Stuffing

31 Aug

Corky & Jimmy’s Stuffing


-1 bag seasoned bread crumbs
-3 celery sticks
-½ cup onion
-turkey giblets (neck, heart etc…) (usually inside the turkey in a bag)
-water (6 cups)


Boil turkey parts in water with salt and pepper slowly for long time.









when done remove giblets, place on cutting board. Reserve water (broth in pot). Chop gizzards, peel meat off neck etc… throw out bones.
In sauce pan saute celery and onion,









When almost done add cut up turkey parts. Salt and pepper to taste. saute all together.
In a separate large bowl place bag of bread crumbs and sauted mixture. Slowly add the broth until it is all sapped up… not soaking wet just thoroughly damp….

Stuff into turkey.






Cook turkey.

One Response to “Corky & Jimmy’s Stuffing”

  1. Sandra November 18, 2011 at 12:15 am #

    It all sounds so good with lots of fond memeories. I am truly thankful for you, T and my extended family. Hhappy Thanksgiving sweet heart.

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